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Payment Expert

  • Want to save money on your online payment solution?
  • Do you not you sell as much as you expected abroad?
  • Not sure which payment module you should choose?
  • Not sure if you have the right payment methods on your website?
  • Do you have too much fraud and you are not sure what to do?

Savings & Optimisation

Has your revenue gone up after you launched? Then you can probably save money on your suppliers and acquiring agreements.
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Just starting out?

Let me help you get the optimum online payment solution from the start. With me by your side you will get the optimal setup for the right price from day one!
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Payment Solution Broker

Are you choosing a suppler to your online payment solution? I will search the market and find the right supplier(s) that matches your requirement, for the right price!
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New markets & channels

How is your payment mix? Optimise your payment solution outside Denmark’s boarders and/or for new segments and sell more!
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We had a very positive experience in cooperating with Susan. She has an incredible amount of knowledge about online payments and was, in a short time, able to give us constructive recommendations we could build on.

GoMoreFrederik Nellemann. Chief Product Officer

"Solution-oriented and professional - Our collaboration with Expert Eye and Susan was an eye opener for us at RS Components and gave us insight into the possibilities our payment solutions.

Susan quickly gained an overview and understanding of our internal system and thus our challenges, and could therefore provide a very good suggestion for improving our current solution."

RS ComponentsRikke Eiberg Glashof. Internal Sales & Service Manager

In connection with the implementation of Dankort payment via our portals, we received great help from Expert Eye. Susan helped us quickly get an overview of our opportunities and even come up with great suggestions for possible add-on solutions, that we may be able to benefit from in the longer term. She also helped ensure good pricing when establishing agreements with the provider and provided great help with questions and clarifications. Partly because of her own extensive knowledge and partly because she is a mediator with a good network.

ForcaJon Lindecrona. Product Owner

If you want to be in charge of your online payments, then an acquaintance with Susan is worth much. She does not give up until the right solution is found. We had trouble receiving payments at our Norwegian shop, and Susan was like a detective who searched all corners to find out what was wrong. And despite challenges on several levels, she kept focus and focused on finding a solution. Which she did. Without Susan, our payment solution would not be optimal. We are looking forward to a continued working relationship.

Legeakademiet.dkJane Vestergaard. Owner.

About Expert Eye

Expert Eye is owned and run by Susan Kaae.

I have worked with eCommerce since 2000 and with online payments since 2006 in varios positions e.g. Chief Product Officer, Commercial Director, Card & Payment Solution Manager, Product Manager, Head of Projects etc. in Denmark and the UK.

Throughout the last 17 years I have, in other words, worked with all aspect of product and business development within the online Payment area. I  have worked for several suppliers (Nets, Ekspres Bank, AltaPay & DIBS), which has given me a large expert knowledge as well as a large knowledge of “how things work” and “what things should cost”.

My private LinkedIn:

How I work?


Initial dialog and meeting

Our cooperation starts with a conversation or correspondence, to give me an high level idea of what your problem or wishes are. Typically, this dialogue will be followed by a physical/Skype meeting, where we align expectations and I get more detail on your current solution, as well as timelines and working/delivery form.

Offer and agreement

At this point you will sent an offer, with a description of the task, timeframe and price. The offer will also describe what I need from you e.g. a workspace at your office, access to specific employees etc. I work with different price structures, depending on the task; Either an estimate on an hourly basis, with a weekly stop / go decision, a fixed price or in some cases a “no cure no pay” price structure, when I work with savings for your company.

Execution of task

What happens here depends entirely on our agreement. It may be an hour's session, a workshop or a longer duration of consultancy.

Contact me


+45 42 61 64 40


Company information

Company VAT no: 26842654
Adress: Enebærhaven 120, 2980 Kokkedal