Savings & optimisation

Save money on your suppliers and/or get a optimised solution.

Have you been online for more than 2 years ago and have not made any changes to your payment agreements? Have your sales increased, but you still pay the same for your acquirer agreement and with your Payment Service Provider / PSP (eg Adyen, DIBS, Bambora, QuickPay, etc.)? Does your current  payment solution not function well, but you do not have the necessary resources or skills to find out what is wrong and do something about it?

Based on your product / service and needs, I will review your current solution with critical eyes and find places that can be optimised. In dialogue with you, we set a frame for my work – are you for example open to switching PSP and acquirer or are you happy with those you have and do not want to change unless there is a clear economic benefit within 6 months?

I will always seek optimisations within your current setup. If you, for example, have a good working relationship with DIBS and uses SAP, then I will aim to optimise quality and price within this frame. If there are large quality improvements and/or cost savings by changing a supplier then I will of course also describe this, so it can form part of your future

Are you ready to optimize your payment solution and / or save money, then contact me on +45 4162 6440 or