Payment Solution Broker

I will scan the market for you to find the right supplier(s)

Should you need a payment provider/PSP or a new payment acquirer, to replace your current or if you are just starting out.

I can scan the market, based on your business model, wishes and needs and recommend the solution and the supplier(s) which will provide you with the optimal solution – at the right price! And I can negotiate with your future suppliers on your behalf, as well as help ensure good implementation and knowledge-sharing across to your customer service and finance department.

Contact me on +45 4162 6440 or and we will find a solution to your needs!


You are looking to replace your Payment Service Provider (PSP) for a solution that supports multiple forms of payment. In this case, I will first review your product / service; look at how you work and what strategy and timelines you are working from.

Based on this information, I will scan the market and prepare a priority list of PSPs that best suits your needs (pros and cons), as well as the price implications that it will have to change.

My delivery can end with this report, but I can also lead the negotiations on your behalf, or be supporting you at the negotiations. My focus will be to help ensure that the optimal solution is achieved, where both quality and price is “just right”.