Just starting out?

Get help in choosing the optimal online payment solution

Are you new to e-commerce and want to set up your payment solution in the most optimal way? Or do you operate within B2B and uses B2B invoice, but now want to offer your business customers card payments? Or you want to sell B2C and wish to set up card payment, MobilePay, PayPal or other forms of payment support this ambition?

With the right payment types and the right supplier (s), you can ensure that you offer the forms of payment type your customers actually want to pay with – in all the countries where you sell your product or service – and thereby achieve greater sales.

However, many forms of payment can provide complexity in your customer service and finance and it is therefore important that not too many payment forms are connected to your solution and that the processes are in place to support your customer service.Not only when it comes to receiving money but also for reimbursement and when the money needs to be reconciled, it is important that things are as automatic as possible and the manual processes are cut to a minimum.

I can offer you a couple of hour’s workshop where we look at your business model and strategy and I give you the necessary knowledge to make the right choices. Or I can take on the task of finding and recommending suppliers who will work best with your setup and – if you wish – I can negotiate prices with them on your behalf. Once the suppliers are selected, I can assist in your implementation.

Contact me on +45 4162 6440 or susan.kaae@experteye.dk and we will find the right solution for your needs!