New markets & new channels

Optimize your payment solution outside Denmark's borders or to a new target audience

Have you launched abroad, but the revenue is not quite as expected? Are your customers requesting forms of payment that you do not offer on your solution? Are you going to sell to a new customer segment and are not sure if they want to pay with Dankort or MobilePay? Or, do you want to expand to more countries and want to ensure that the payment options you offer are optimal before launch? Or do your customers (and customer service) find it difficult to navigate the many payment forms you and you want to cut down the number to the right once..? Because sometimes “less is more…”

The “wrong” payment types can have a direct impact on your bottom line – if your customers do not recognize the forms of payment they are used to, they will often not buy or maybe buy for a smaller amount. And too many forms of payment are just as bad – it is confusing to both your customers and makes it difficult to have an optimal customer service flow.

The right forms of payment for your customers create security and trust and make it easy to buy. And it’s not just the forms of payment it’s about – Do you offer the customer to create an account with you and save the details of your preferred form of payment for the next time they shop or do you want your customers to move on quickly and this is what you need to support?

I can offer you a couple of hour’s workshop where we look at your business model and strategy and I give you advice on what to do. Or I come up with a specific recommendation and if you wish I can negotiate the best price on your behalf. I can also help with the requirement and in the implementation phase, as well as help ensure the good processes between Sales, Product, IT, Finance and Customer Service.

Contact me on +45 4162 6440 or and we will find the right solution for your needs!