New Dankort fees on eCommerce 1. February 2018

What changes?

Nets has decided to change their Dankort fees to make it cheaper to accept Dankort for smaller payments. The changes will take place February 1st, 2018.

The new fees will be: 0.54 kr. + 0.19% max. 2.50 kr. and the annual subscription will be raised from 1,000 to 1,100 kroner. The changes also include a change related to Dankort Secured By Nets – if you use “Dankort Secured By Nets”, an chargeback will be processed for free, but the price of 200 kr for a chargeback will be maintained if Dankort Secured by Nets is not used on the transaction.

Pricing for Self-service vending machines and Post and Phone Order remains the same.

The new prices can be found here:

Dankort is still by far the cheapest payment solution, unless you have very small transaction amounts, please see below for a walk-through.

What does the changes mean?

Until the end of January the Dankort fees on eCommerce remains the same:

Transaction amount Price per transaction
0,00 – 50,00 kr. 0,70 kr.
50,01 – 100,00 kr. 1,10 kr.
Over 100,01 kr. 1,39 kr.

If you compare “before and after” prises, you will see that the smaller payments gets cheaper and the higher transaction amounts will cost up to 2,50 kr, where the maximum before the change is 1,39 kr.

Some calculations comparing the old and the new fee structure:

10 kroner

Old price: 0,70 kr.

New price: 0,54 + 0,019 = 0,559 kr

50 kroner

Old price: 0,70 kr.

New price: 0,54 + 0,095 = 0,635 kr

80 kroner

Old price:1,10 kr.

New price: 0,54 + 0,152 = 0,692 kr

100 kroner

Old price: 1,10 kr.

New price: 0,54 + 0,19 = 0,73 kr

400 kroner

Old price: 1,39 kr.

New price: 0,54 + 0,76 = 1,27 kr

500 kroner

Old price: 1,39 kr.

New price: 0,54 + 0,95 = 1,49 kr

At 450 kroner, you hit the “tipping” point and Dankort payments are more expensive than they are today. The payment must be higher than 1030 kr. before you reach the maximum fee of 2,50 kr.

What if you compare with credit cards?

Looking at some of the prices that are available online, DIBS offers an Easy solution at 2.5% per transaction and Epay has a solution called ePay Pro +, which states a price on Danish credit cards at 1.45% + 0.25 kr.

If you compare with Dankort, a transaction will be cheaper by credit card until the purchase size reaches approx. 23 kroner (with both DIBS and ePay’s pricing), after which Dankort is cheapest.

If you have many transactions or you are a very good negotiator, then you might have a price of 1% on Danish cards – then it will be cheaper with credit cards until the purchase amount is 66 kroner, after which Dankort will be the cheapest again.

Should I do something?

Dankort is still by far the cheapest payment form, even after February 1, 2018 and if you have transactions below 450 kroner, you will see a saving on your Dankort fees compared to today. You should not do anything unless you want to change something in your setup, the price changes are done automatically.

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