Have you placed “the Payment Hat” on the right head in your business?

What does it really mean to your business if you do not have control over your payment solution? In most companies, there is a person who is responsible for payments, as payments are an essential part of doing business. However, the “Payment Hat” rarely sits at the head of a person who has expert knowledge in the field. And why is it important, can you ask? For many companies, lack of knowledge equals a too expensive payment solution which does not function in an optimum way and does not support the strategy of sales, resale and up-selling. It costs money,…

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New Dankort fees on eCommerce 1. February 2018

What changes? Nets has decided to change their Dankort fees to make it cheaper to accept Dankort for smaller payments. The changes will take place February 1st, 2018. The new fees will be: 0.54 kr. + 0.19% max. 2.50 kr. and the annual subscription will be raised from 1,000 to 1,100 kroner. The changes also include a change related to Dankort Secured By Nets – if you use “Dankort Secured By Nets”, an chargeback will be processed for free, but the price of 200 kr for a chargeback will be maintained if Dankort Secured by Nets is not used on…

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