Why are all webshops now suddenly having to implement 3D secure?

From September 14, 2019 an PSD2 rule will come into force, namely the Strong Customer Authentication or SCA. Back in 2015, the EU decided they wanted to implement initiatives, which would make it more difficult to commit fraud on someone else’s card. The SCA step means that you (as a card holder) will have to identify yourself with an extra step in a payment process. On practical terms that means 2 of 3 methods: Something you are (e.g. Touch ID, Face Detection, Iris Scan). Something you know (e.g. a static login/password or a PIN) Something you have (e.g., a card…

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Can I no longer surcharge from 2018?

No! Not from the start of 2018. The EU Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) is from 2015 and applies in principle already, but must be implemented in national law in all EU member states by 13th of January 2018. Therefore, it will not be allowed to surcharge, ie. add the card fee you as a merchant spays to accept the card to your customers “bill”. This is for “standard four party scheme cards” that are regulated under “Interchange fee regulation*”, which means ordinary cards such as Visa, MasterCard and Dankort, regardless of whether they are debit or credit cards –…

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